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Cutting Customer Churn: Services or Service?

rwh-consulting.comCustomer Experience Cutting Customer Churn: Services or Service?

Cutting Customer Churn: Services or Service?

Cutting Customer Churn: More Services or Better Service?

Churn continues to provide a significant and costly challenge to the mobile telecoms industry. While some level of churn is inevitable, operators need to keep it to a minimum if they are to contain their costs of doing business.

In an attempt to find an effective means of reducing churn, mobile operators have adopted a number of different strategies and continue to seek fresh approaches. Many MNOs have introduced additional services, either on their own or in partnerships, in the hope that these will engender greater loyalty. Others have placed greater emphasis on improving customer experience.

In this report, published by Mobile Market Development, I review the causes of churn and revisit a number of case studies from earlier reports to establish which strategies have proved most successful in delivering low levels of churn.

Robert Harrison
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