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Our Work

We work closely with our clients, often working as part of the client team, and also help implement decisions and provide training. We also carry out analyses and prepare reports on topics of importance to the industry.

Summaries of a representative selection of client projects are shown below.

5G Neutral Host: Business Case and Commercial Terms

An assessment of the multiple commercial and market factors that required consideration prior to implementing a campus-wide 5G network by a major public transport services operator for both its own use and as a neutral host for local mobile operators.

Prepared the business case for provision of the neutral host 5G network for and recommendations for an appropriate pricing structure that would best meet the host’s requirements while recognising the realities of market demand .

5G Densification – Business Opportunity and Business Case for a Fibre Network Operator

A comprehensive assessment of the scale and nature of the market opportunity and the costs of extending a consumer oriented fibre network to support 5G densification.  Preparation of a flexible business model to assess the costs of different approaches, which was subsequently used by the client support preparation of bids to mobile operators via consortia.

The client was successful in being accepted as a member of several consortia.


Market Business Plan for Middle Eastern Mobile Operator

With the assistance of a small team Robert has recently prepared a market business plan which formed a key element in the operator’s annual planning and budgeting cycle.  A major contribution was to ensure that planning took full account of global trends in traffic, revenues and profitability, and the need to build new data service revenues in both business and consumer markets.  These included e-commerce, mHealth, M2M and IoT services.

The plan covered the following topics:

  • Market Analysis and Segmentation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Assessment of global developments and best practice
  • Risk Assessment
  • Product and Service Strategy and Programmes

Mobile Market Entry Strategy for Network Operator

Advised the board of an incumbent fixed line operator seeking to enter the already maturing mobile market:

  • assessed developing market needs, market demographics and structure
  • reviewed regulatory constraints
  • forecast demand for voice and data services
  • detailed comparison of the relative technical and cost performance of a variety of mobile technologies, including EDGE, UMTS (TDD, FDD), CDMA 2000 and WiMAX
  • prepared market, technical and financial models; high level network and business plans
  • compared and assessed different scenarios, and identified optimum approach

The operator decided to implement the recommendations.


Employing User Data to Derive Service Costs and Forecasts

Employing user data to determine cost allocation for different service types in an all-IP network for a European national operator.


  • developed a methodology and model for determining the proportion of network costs to be allocated to different types of services dependent on peak and mean traffic levels and service priorities
  • includes trend analysis and forecasting capability
  • required for business and regulatory purposes.

The operator is proceeding with the implementation of a new costing system.


Aligning Sales and Market Strategy to Match Customer Expectations

Provided guidance to a major manufacturer on tailoring its sales and marketing approach to suit the French market:

  • identified market and technology developments that were shaping demand
  • determined the nature and extent of demand for products and services
  • assessed the nature and extent of competition
  • investigated customers’ buying and selection processes and perceptions of vendors.

The company recognised that a change in its sales approach was required if it was to be successful in this field


Winning Wireless Licence Bid

Prepared a successful licence application for an incumbent European operator, managing a team of internal staff members:

  • prepared project plan from scratch and managed and co-ordinated the team’s efforts
  • took personal charge of developing the market and business plans
  • project included preparation of the product and services marketing plan, the network design and coverage plan and the internal business case
  • paid particular attention to developing a range of services markets that would integrate with and complement the client’s fixed and mobile services while taking account of anticipated terminal availability.

Business Start-up; Strategy and Planning

Assisted the board of a wireless start-up to identify and prioritise its business options:

  • conducted a 2 day workshop for the board at short notice
  • evaluated service options of fixed/nomadic broadband and fully mobile voice/data
  • evaluated innovative handset solutions for multiband mobile VoIP/2G/3G
  • prepared an outline business plan for discussion with potential investors
  • advised on the market requirements and on feasibility of implementation

The board was able to proceed with a clear set of priorities and objectives.