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rwh-consulting.comPapers and Reports

Alongside his consulting work, Robert authors a series of papers and reports covering topical subjects in the mobile industry.  They couple specific research with many years’ experience and knowledge of the sector to provide an analysis of the key issues, useful insights and specific recommendations for operators.

Recent Reports

Reports published in 2016 & 2017::

  • RCS vs. OTT Messaging – Best Practice for MNOs
    • How can MNOs revive RCS to be a successful service, and does Google’s intervention help them?
  • Churn Retention Strategies Update;
    • What lessons can be drawn for other MNOs seeking to reduce churn on a long term basis.
  • Personalising vs Customising – Risks and Rewards;
    • Looking at the application and potential application of personalisation in the mobile telecoms sector.
  • Numbers vs Value: Commercial Implications of Marginal Customers;
    • Essential reading for any MNO facing falling market prices and a growing marginal customer base.

    New Retention Strategies and Impact Assessment;

    • A look at the characteristics of the churning market, reasons for churn and means of addressing them
  • Developing Own-Branded MNO OTT Apps;
    • An assessment of the merits of own-brand solutions compared to partnerships with leading brands

Earlier Reports

Earlier reports include:

  • Vodafone Partner Markets
  • Impact of Cost Containment Strategies
  • Distribution Channel Management Challenges in Emerging & Developed Markets
  • Achieving Direct Penetration of the SOHO-SME Market

The reports can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription programme.