Welcome to RWH Consulting

What we do

RWH Consulting works with organisations in the telecoms and IT sectors to review and develop their product, service, market and business plans.  We believe that such plans must be based on a sound knowledge of the market and a full appreciation of the capabilities and limitations of technologies, and their impact on the business.

Our preferred approach is to work closely with our clients to deliver outcomes which are tailored to their needs.  We set out to provide objective advice founded on sound market information.  Some of the most common tasks that we undertake are listed below.  Work packages can be made up of any combination of these tasks, tailored to suit a client’s needs.

Research and Analysis of Markets:

  • Desk research
  • Interview programmes
    • Design
    • On-line/street
    • Phone
    • Face-to face
    • Focus groups
    • Analysis of results
    • Estimate market sizes & growth
    • Prepare forecasts

Business Strategy and Planning:

  • Analysis of factors affecting business;
    • markets
    • technologies
    • regulation
    • competition
    • Determining Meaningful Strategic/Business Objectives
    • Preparation of Business and Market Strategy
    • Definition of Key Programmes
    • Preparation of Business and Market Plans

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